10 Personal Wealth Influencers You Should Be Paying Attention To


Most of us could benefit from learning better money management and investing techniques, regardless of age. Money management may look different for millennials than it does for those of us ready or already retired, but there is always something new to learn.

Online personal wealth, finance, and investment advice isn’t only for younger generations. A number of personal finance leaders that serve as resources for retirement are beginning to voice their advice online so you can establish your personal finance goals.

Whether you’re looking for advanced advice on money management during retirement or simple tips on dealing with ageing, these 10 social influencers will help you get your money in order in the coming year.

1 Rodney Brooks

Brooks is a retirement columnist, author, and public speaker. His book, Is One Million Dollars Enough, focuses on planning for and living a successful retirement. He is an expert on a wide range of retirement topics from budgeting for retirement to retirement homes.

2 Adele Horin

Horin was the social issues reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald for nearly two decades and now runs the popular blog Coming of Age. She explores how her generation is braving the challenges of getting older and isn’t afraid to tackle sensitive topics ranging from suicide among older men to retiring too young.

3 Joe Saul-Sehy

Stacking Benjamins is one of the most interesting money podcasts on air. Joe Saul-Sehy hosts the brightest minds in financial media to talk about retirement, savings strategies, side hustles, and more.

4 Dave Ramsey

Ramsey’s podcast, The Dave Ramsey Show, is great for people of all ages and personalities who want advice on how to get out of debt, stay out, and start saving. With more and more retirees entering retirement in debt, Ramsey is a great resource. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to know a bit of everything from a credible source without getting bored.

5 Jean Chatzky

Financial Editor of NBC’s TODAY Show and AARP’s personal finance ambassador, Jean Chatzky is an award winning financial journalist. She is also the founder of Her Money, a multimedia company that explores the relationships women have with money.

6 Clark Howard

Author, media personality, and podcast host, Clark Howard tells you how to avoid consumer rip-offs. His podcast, The Clark Howard Show, helps guide you to spend less while maintaining more of your money.

7 Sara Zeff Geber

Geber brought the term “solo agers” into the global vocabulary with her book, Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers. According to Geber, a solo ager is a boomer without children and/or grandchildren. She is a retirement coach for boomers and life planning and retirement transition expert.

8 Catherine Collinson

Collinson serves as CEO and president of the nonprofit Transamerica Institute and the Center for Retirement Studies and is one of the sharpest retirement researchers in the world. She’s been researching about retirement for nearly 20 years, publishing reports that offer advice for employees and employers. Her goal is to help people have financially secure retirements.

9 Trace Mayer

Mayer is a veteran investor of the traditional market and was one of the first bloggers to start mentioning Bitcoin in early 2011. He’s an entrepreneur, investor, journalist, and monetary scientist and holds degrees in accounting and law. He mostly tweets about economics surrounding Bitcoin and its comparison with other assets.

10 Vitalik Buterin

While Buterin is nowhere close to senior living, and the youngest on this list, this creator of Ethereum in 2015 is a must follow influencer—especially if you’re interested in cryptocurrency news. He isn’t afraid of voicing his unique and critical opinion surrounding problems of open-blockchain projects like Ethereum or Bitcoin. He is oftentimes spouting Twitter threads about scalability, governance, ICOs, DApps, and security.

Are you ready to make the most of your retirement dollars?