How To Deal With Financial Anxiety in Retirement


Here’s an interesting personal finance query published on Market Watch. It’s titled I’m 65, My Mortgage is Paid Off and I have $370,000 in Savings, So Why I Am I still Worried About Money?

In it, a reader poses a great question to personal finance editor Quentin Fotrell. Here’s an excerpt that we found really interesting:

Money gives us freedom to make choices, but time is the only really valuable resource we have, so use your time wisely and don’t waste your retirement by being eaten alive by anxieties. Wake up every morning and tell God or the Universe that you are grateful for one thing in your life. Or thank one of these celestial or cosmic entities for giving you the day.

There are a lot more to dissect in this piece so do check out the article in its entirety.

Read the source article at MarketWatch