Ins and Outs of Survivorship Benefits in Canada


Survivorship benefits help a lot in keeping families afloat. In this article, we get to know how the Canadian survivorship benefit works. We learn a lot about its benefits and, most of all, its limits.

“The unfortunate part of the Allowance is that you need to proactively apply for the benefit, and I suspect many potential recipients are not aware and do not apply. Given one condition for the Allowance is a low income – below the aforementioned $24,552 in 2018 for 2019 recipients – it is particularly unfortunate that inaction can lead to lost income for those who may need it the most,” writes Jason Heath.

The Canadian benefit might not be the same in other countries but this article is well worth the read just in case your government has the same sort of benefit that not a lot of people knows about.

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