Kidney stones: What They Are, Why They Form and How to Avoid Them In Old Age


Health is wealth–this oft-repeated saying is something many retirees forget when they’re done with working. Once you’re off the stress of the daily grind and reaping the benefits of those years, you tend to let your guard down about health matters. This is especially true about eating right! You tend to indulge, especially when you have no office mates to tell you off, in salty, fatty foods that can wreak havoc on your system–particularly your urinary system.

The kidneys play an integral role in cleansing your body of waste products through urine. Diseases related to this can range from highly inconvenient to downright fatal. Since it’s an accumulated disease, we tend to develop it later on in life. That is why we at Retirement Life magazine encourage you to read up on this article on kidney stones to learn more about what they are and how to avoid them.

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