Powerless in the Homestead on a Sudden Winter


Ditching city living for the homestead in order to retire early has its perks. From cost of rent to the cost of utilities, it just makes a lot more economic sense to retire in a homestead. But it definitely has its cons as well. In this blog entry, the Frugalwoods share with us one of the most difficult situations for a modern family to be in – unanticipated early winter in the homestead.

This article dives deep into how they found the silver lining in their struggle. It’s an uplifting article that just gives you a glimpse into how most early retirement scenarios look like. “Thanks to our meagre 2.5 years of experience in this mercurial climate, we prioritized that which would keep us safe and warm and de-prioritized everything else. So there’s a lot of frozen vegetables and un-mowed grass and field action underneath our cocoon of snow. But, we are warm and safe!” she writes.

We at Retirement Living can definitely recommend this article to anyone looking to retire early and live frugally. It’s an eye-opening article that tickles the heart.

Read the source article at Frugalwoods