State of Cryptocurrencies for the Rest of 2019


Thought we’d share this interesting prediction piece from The Merkle Hash. It’s called Top 4 Cryptocurrency Predictions for 2019.

It shares some insights on the future of the crypto trading. Here’s one that we thought was really fascinating:

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts will be quite happy with the way Bitcoin has performed in the past few months. After the long and painful drop from $19,000 down to the $3,000 range, it would appear the bulls are back in town at this time. As a result, the value surpassed $5,000 without too many problems Those who kept a close eye on the prediction shared by six fintech experts earlier in the year may recall this surge was somewhat expected.

If you’re invested in cryptocurrencies to augment your super, check the rest of the article…

Read the source article at The Merkle Hash