Why Early Retirement Planning is Important Even if You Don’t Intend To Get Out of the Workforce Early


Here’s an interesting article from Marketwatch. It’s called Why Everyone Should Save Money Like They’re Going to Retire Early by Tanja Hester.

In it, she shares some fascinating insights. This one is particularly thought-provoking:

More than half of U.S. workers over age 50 are pushed out of long-held jobs before they choose to retire, according to a new analysis of Health and Retirement Study data by ProPublica and the Urban Institute, often resulting in irreparable financial harm that imperils their retirement and therefore the rest of their lives. Many never find work again, and those who do often have to take a massive pay cut or make other sacrifices that significantly diminish their quality of life.

For more of Tanja’s gripping article, check it out in full at Marketwatch.

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